I am planing to buy an amd fx6100 processor but i am confused with which motherboard to go??should i go for asus or asrock??and please specify the model name too..i can spend 7k(indian rupees) for the mobo..
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  1. Asus!
  2. Asrock definitely !
  3. If you are using a single graphics card: 970 Extreme3 R2.0

    If you are using 2 mid-range graphics cards: 970 Extreme4

    If you are using 2 high-end graphics cards: 990FX Extreme3

    All of them should be within your budget.
    The first 2 boards have 2x USB3.0 at the rear and a header for 2x USB3.0 at the front. The last board has only 2x USB3.0 at the rear.
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