Hello,... as many people i play games too. i want to know how i can play games in 1360x768 if the game don't have this resolution ... thank you beforehand
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  1. What game are you trying to play at that resolution?

    Are you using a monitor or a TV?

    What graphics card do you have?
  2. i have monitor tv -toshiba 24-inch... n vidia ge force 8600 GT . im trying to play Counter Strike 1.6... thank you for help
  3. Are you using dual monitors?
  4. no it's not dual monitor
  5. When you open Counter Strike options there is not resolution what my monitor needs-1360x768 . and i play it in 1024x768 in half desktop
  6. But that resolution is availible in Windows?

    have you downloaded the latest drivers for your GPU?
  7. yeh in windows this resolution is availible .... no i dont know from which web site to download ...
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