DVD R/W Drive Runs Software but Not DVDs

This just started acting up. If I stick software disk in drive, like I just installed TurboTax, runs AutoPlay, give me install prompts. Tried burning a DVD today using ImgBurn (done it at least 100 times) today, get error, No media in drive. Tried playing a store bought DVD Movie, drive will not regognize. Device manager says its working fine with the most current driver. Thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. Hello garywi,
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    1. Uninstall the driver in Device Manager and Restart the computer - let Windows reinstall the driver for this drive.

    2. Try FixIt

    3. This is a bit of hassle - try to test this drive on another PC

    4. Drive Laser might have gone weak - weak lasers would sometimes read a CD/DVD and won't detect other

    Hope this gets resolved - Good luck and Happy New Year!!

  2. its a good why u dont like this?
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