Computers all built, But still have problems! WHAT DOES IT WANT?!

So, finally replaced the PSU, system is starting, fans are running, hard drives are running, cpu is running, mouse lights glow even when computer is off. Well anyway we got a total of 16GBS of ram in this system, and nothing happens when we turn on other than everything starts. But no beeps, or display. Upon some searching on Google and forums, we have switched up the ram and taken some out... when we take some ram out, and have just 2 or 1 stick in it. It starts beeping like crazy, we believe it beeps with 1 long beep and either 8 or 9 short beeps... Not 100% sure it all happens so quick and I'm tired. So outta curiosity we put all the ram in and nothing happened, everything started but no beep or display... So I'm just wondering what needs to be done to get it to work.. Is there anything wrong? The new power supply is a corsair 750W and before we switched the power supply the thing just straight up didn't start. So made progress just a little further.. Any ideas of what may possibly be wrong? WHAT DOES IT WANT FROM ME?! :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :pfff:
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  1. Go one RAM stick at a time and make sure you push it in all the way. I believe the rapid beeping is when no RAM sticks are recognized.
  2. I'll give it another shot, i know we were screwing around with the arrangement of the RAM and minimizing them but i'll do it again, if it helps i'll post the model of the RAM we are using, i'm not sure if it could possibly be a bad model that usually has problems, or the motherboard but so far we've had a DOA power supply which shot our first motherboard so had to go through multple replacements...

    PAGE BREAK....

    Upon further investigation of the RAM we have put in this computer, probably shoulda caught this the first time but i honestly didnt think this would matter....

    This is the RAM inside the case now... all built up on a BIOSTAR T870AU motherboard with a Phenom II 1100T....

    Those RAM say Only qualified 1.5V XMP RAM on Intel Core i3/i5/i7

    Honestly i am fairly new to the building process so i may have seen it when we were first buying it but i didnt take it in consideration... I wouldnt think the RAM would only work with specific CPU's as long as teht imings and shhhtuf match up.. Idk judging by your comment im gonna take a stick outta my build *pretty much same exact thing really just different RAM and PSU" and see if that works. Thank you for questioning my decision making aha it got my mind thinking, shoulda done this last night.
  3. it's might be ur mobo
  4. The xmp profile is for intel motherboards only but that ram should work for your motherboard you just have to manually set the frequency and timings in the bios but if you can't get to the bios to set it, then you might have to get different RAM.
  5. The checklist in my signature was created to troubleshoot this type of problem. Perform all the steps in the checklist to narrow down what's causing the problem.
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