600$ gaming build (hows this)

There are already several posts on the 600$ game build. Which is what im probly going to use.. But i was just curios on how these look first...

(i have monitor/keyboard/mouse.)

But these 2 are newegg cyber monday deals. should i buy or build?
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    The 2nd one is better but you can't tell what motherboard or psu is. I'd assume they are cheap/crappy ones to compensate for the price. A friend actually asked me this same question a few days ago and told him to buy the 2nd one since he refuses to build his own. If you want to build your own you can make a better system.
  2. awesome thank you for the input ill go with one of the posted guides..

    its crazy i use to know alot about computers and could build them.. Now im clueless everys diffrent lol.. Last time i built a computer 128 mb radeon was 250$ video card
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    ngot an email saying i should click solve.. didnt relize it would bump the post sorry
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