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I am putting a computer together for a friend who is looking for a sub-$1000 build total. I have everything but the graphics card figured out. He is looking for something that will run current games, as well as the games coming out in the next few years moderately well. He also needs to be able to run at least 3 monitors, but would really like to be able to run 4. Is it possible to do this with one card? We are looking to keep the overall price of the graphics solution under $150, so dual budget level cards hooked up SLI/Crossfire might be a solution as well.
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  1. Something like this:


    I'd ditch the SSD and GTX 460's in SLI and buy either a pair of AMD 6870's or a 6950 2 GB GDDR5 version. With one graphics card you'd be limited to 3 monitors. Also feel free to substitute for a larger motherboard or HDD.

    The key is the Intel 2500k cpu, for a $1000 build that's your starting point.

    With 3+ monitors the extra memory of the 6950 will improve performance significantly, and you can buy a second down the road when prices drop.
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