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Hello everybody,

So yesterday i got a motherboard (Intel DG41CN) and it was working fine at the first, installed drivers, and i saw that the cpu fan was running at 800 rpm and the cpu was at 35°c i thought maybe if the fan could run a little bit higher i could OC, so i turned off the pc went to the bios and turned off the cpu fan control, (disabled it), then restart pc, when i tried to restart it, it wouldn't Post.

What happens is this : I shorten the two pins to turn on the motherboard, it gives a CLICK noise and the cpu fan start spinning like crazy, then shuts down, after that it starts to spin again like crazy, and the loop continues, until i turn off the power.

Things i have tried :
Resetting bios, by changing the CMOS pins and removing the battery for 5-30-90 mins but nothing then 10 hours and still nothing.
Changed RAM and cleaned them.
Changed CPU fan.
Changed Power supply
Changed CPU.

But the problem consists, and it is really pissing me off, can anyone help me out here please.

I can't RMA it because i am in a poor country and god knows how to do that, nor can i give it back to who i bought it from because he sold it to me working and doesn't want it.
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  1. When you shorted the pins was the PC on or off?
  2. I shorted the pins to start the PC, it was off
  3. Oh those pins, okay. I thought maybe you shorted the CMOS pins while the PC was on.

    It sounds like a corrupted BIOS chip, a popped VRM, or a mere grounding issue.
  4. Can't be grounding issue since i tried it on the motherboard issue, about the VRM everything looks fine i'll upload a picture right now, and about the BIOS chip probably, but how can we fix it and why did it break down in the first place?
  5. You can get a new BIOS chip from the manufacturer. I'm sure you could google a guide on how to replace it. It's not as difficult as it sounds.

    I'm not sure that's the issue though. There's too many possible problems and without looking at it myself it's hard to say.
  6. Here are some pics :

  7. any ideas?
  8. please...
  9. When you remove the battery did you unplug the machine too?
  10. I removed the battery, while the pc was off, the motherboard was on its box
  11. Not plugged in to the power supply right?
  12. Yeah
  13. It's hard to say for sure but I think you toasted your board. If it cycles over and over again, its usually the PSU (which you said you tried a different one right?), an LGA pin touching another pin and causing a grounding error, or a component or components on the board itself got toasted.
  14. Ok, something weird happend, i sent it to one of my friends who knows stuff about motherboard, turns out it was because of the ram, but i don't get it, why wouldn't they work? I mean they are both DDR2 667 mhz? one samsung and one kingston, i tried one at a time, it worked for the frist time and then they stopped working, he tried another 256 mb ram and it worked, well it didn't really work, but it started giving him a beep about ram which i didn't get, the motherboard wasn't even starting when i had those rams, so could it really be them?

    To sum it up: I sent the motherboard to a guy, he removed the rams it had, 2 GB (1 kingston 667, 1 samsung 667) and placed a 256 mb, and the motherboard turned on and started beeping meaning that the ram is not compatible. but atleast it started unlike when it had those two.

    So could really the ram cause this ?
  15. any ideas?
  16. Try some new RAM. I still think your motherboard is a lemon, but if you can get some RAM try it out.

    Also when using multiple sticks of RAM it is highly recommended that they are the same make and model. Mismatch sticks often have compatibility issues.
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