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im currently running a 5670 512mb aswell as a phenom x2 at 4ghz, but i really want to upgrade my graphics card to really enjoy battlefield 3, should i upgrade asap or wait for the 7000 series, bearing in mind im playing at 1080p and my current setup leaves me at a constant 25-30fps in the beta on lowest settings which is just playable, thing is i wont be able to pay for a card until late november,
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  1. I would upgrade now what is your budget?
  2. It depends on what you mean by "wait for 7000 series". I believe ATI is on schedule for a Q4 2011 debut, and Nvidia will be ready by Q1 2012

    If you intend on purchasing a 6000 ATI / 500 Nvidia series gpu, you could save a significant amount of money by waiting for the next generation to come out. Since you are waiting for enough money to purchase the card by November, I'd say the wait is definitely worth it. When the new cards come out, you could buy 2 cards instead of one and have crossfire for additional horsepower.

    If you are only interested in one graphics card to carry you on your way, I would still suggest waiting. A few months of bad gaming isn't that bad. Wait a month for the new hotness to step foot into your case ;)

    Also, a fun game is usually fun regardless of the graphics. Keep this in mind when you're budgeting. I upgraded the hell out of my computer, and I still find myself playing the same low gpu intensive games - DAMN YOU FARMVILLE!
  3. i currently have a budget of £20 as im 15 and unemployed but im planning to buy a gpu as soon as i can as im right on the limit of playability, however the next generation of gpus should be much better and id wait a month or two to get a much better card im looking at either a 6870 or 560ti if im buying from this generation
  4. Keep saving it is still a long way to the price of those.
  5. rolli59 said:
    Keep saving it is still a long way to the price of those.

    im also pondering a used 4870x2 for £70 i saw just as a stopgap to the next gen so i can atleast get the framerate above 30
  6. It is a much more powerful card but beware when buying used.
  7. any idea what sort of framerates i could expect on current games with that btw?
  8. rolli59 said:
    It is a much more powerful card but beware when buying used.

    I've only bought used from reputable dealers on eBay. I've never ran into trouble.

    I nabbed the GTX 285 for $175 when they were going for $350+ 2 years ago.

    Purchasing used/refurbished electronics makes a lot of sense.
  9. ok thanks everyone, ill get a 4870x2 as soon as i can and then save up for a 7850/7950 depending on AMD's naming next time round
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