Intel Dq965gf WIN 7 HDD reformat on other PC; Windows won\'t start

I am assuming that since I reformatted hard drive on XP PC and updates were done using XP before using WIN 7 OS, that there is still an issue with the DQ965GF board and chipset/bios settings. I am unable to execute the chipset update file by executing through DOS to a flash drive. WIN 7 won't start properly and I am at a loss.
Is there a way?
WIN 7 installation is good...but cannot start once connected to this MOBO.
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  1. And the installation is done on that motherboard?
  2. rolli59 said:
    And the installation is done on that motherboard?

    OK actually no...done on a different PC with different Motherboard because I couldn't get it to install from this pc...what to do? I've tried to do repairs from within DOS and through startup repair (Win 7) and cannot get WIN 7 to stop starting and going into repair.
  3. Has to be done on the computer you are going to use it on!
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