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Hi I am new to this site and i'm just looking for a cheap priced desktop with Windows 7, a dedicated graphics card and preferablly 3+ RAM. I wish to use this desktop for playing games like Garrys Mod, Team Fortress 2 and Sims 3. Thank You.
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  1. Do you have a budget?
  2. are you looking to purchase a pre-made system (eg dell, hp, acer) or build your own? and +1 on the budget..
  3. I always wanted to build one but unfortunatley I am 16 and dont have the money too or the expierence. So yes a prebuilt one plz.
  4. we still need to know how much you can spend... please provide a budget range ie. 600-800 dollars
  5. Preferbally around $600 would be my budget.
    With the games you stated this should do you fine... but monitor is not included.

    This should handle any source engine game (gary's mod, TF2, CS:S, etc) great at high settings and newer games at medium settings
  7. This machine will handle all of those games on max settings
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