Corsair xms3 2x4gb 1333mhz vs team elite 2x4gb 1600mhz


I am currently running a desktop pc, using the mobo: ph755-m by asus (intel core i3 540 cpu).

I want to upgrade my ram, and my ONLY options are either 2x4gb corsair xms3 1333mhz or team elite 2x4gb 1600mhz.
Will these work with my mobo?
Which one should i pick? The guy in the store recommended corsair xms3, because he said it was of higher quality and the performance difference was very low.

I can only choose these two, because I got a gift certificate for a store, and they only sell these rams...

Also, I will most likely not oc at all!

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. The guy at the store was right.
    You can easily overclock the XMS cards to do 1600MHz
  2. Thanks for the answer :)

    But isn't the CL lower on the crucial then the team?

    Also, you don't happen to know if the crucial card will work with the previously mentioned mobo?

    Thanks again :)
  3. Crucial???
    Lower CL=better
    Higher frequency=better

    Your motherboard supports upto 2200Mhz DDR3 ram
  4. Ooops, meant to say corsair xD

    Didn't know that lower CL was better :P

    Thanks for all the help!
  5. You can also decrease the CL settings even lower
  6. Also, are there any compatibility things I have to check before I get the corsair ram, or will it work?
  7. Are you putting these cards with the old cards or are you removing your old cards?
    Old card's specs and voltage?
    New card voltage?
  8. The new cards voltage should be 1.5v, does that sound correct?

    The old cards specs are the same, 1333mhz, ddr3, 9CL.

    Old cards name is: kingston kvr1333d3n9/2g

    Don't know the voltage, I will google it now :)
  9. And yes I will mix the cards, if the performance decrease isn't to bad.
  10. They are also the same voltage, I just checked :)
  11. If there are all of the same specs there should not be any perfoarmance decrease.
    From the model number I guess that the Kingston's cards are of 2 gB.
    Putting 2 cards of 2gB and two cards of 4gB will make the system to slow down.
    If you have one Kingston ram card your system will slow down further.
  12. I have 2x 2gb and 2x4gb, will it slow down a lot (noticeably) or very little? They are as previously mentioned, very similar in the stats.
  13. The performance decrease should be low.
    Put the Kingston rams in 1st and 2nd slot and corsair rams in 3rd and 4th slot.
  14. Ok, not kingston in blue/blue (a and a) and corsair in black/black? (b and b)
  15. That is 1,3 - 2,4
  16. Found the answer myself (i'm using the kingston in both the blue, and the corsair in both the black).

    Thanks for all the help, i'm going to try to put the ram in now :D
  17. I just plugged in the ram, and got very, very bad results :(

    First I plugged them in one way, no connection to my monitor.
    I restarted the computer, and plugged the ram in the other way (how could I do this?!) then I still had no connection, and after a few sec, I smelled a burning smell and my pc shut down. I have now removed the new ram, and left only the old ones in. The burning smell is gone, but no connection to the monitor. Also, the old ram was the only thing that was hot. My gpu felt sorta cool, but im not 100% sure.

    Please help me :(
  18. You need to put the rams Kingston in 1&2 and corsair in 3&4. Kingston in black and blue and corsair in black and blue slts. Each pair of black and blue slots have their own memory controller so the settings will be set according to your ram cards.
  19. Its all working now, thanks for all the help :)
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