Powersurge/bug caused a boot loop at the BIOS screen - what do i do?

hey - i am pasting this because i am in a time crunch, & can't wait for the other site's forum to get around to me:

Had a powersurge/pop (off/on) of some kind, & my desktop shut off. flipping it back on, it beeps, but stays at the BIOS screen, with no response or action if i hit keys or leave it.

i tried unplugging everything (from the back), & unplugging everything but a ps/2 keyboard.. neither situation helped it.

I think it is a P-5NE SLI Asus motherboard.

logistically, this laptop will be sent for repairs, so i will have NO computer (a horrible all-day computer user) if i don't fix my desktop. quick help would be appreciated. (this laptop is overheating so it is not reasonable to 'hold onto it' for a little while (could start a fire) as a back up. it has to get sent.)

thanks for any help - just a general diagnostic procedure is most desired, so i can replace whatever went bad; altho anything helpful is, as always, welcome.


edit: now the the computer just loops AS SOON AS (<1 second after) the BIOS-bootscreen appears. =/ i think i will unplug my harddrives so they don't get damaged.

edit 2: it seems possible (to me) that a bug got in & caused a shortcircuit since the side of the case happened to be open at the time. something to consider. (i route my computer to the utility room (long cables for keyboard/mouse/monitor) - love it but i was dumb & left the case open....)
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  1. fixed - started finding the nonfunctioning hardware component by taking them out (e.g. memory (all but one)), one at a time - got lucky first try - we (seemed to have!) figured out it was the memory sticks (3 out of 4, quite the powersurge) - am down to one but it's good enough to get around with for awhile.

    another thing we did (first), whether it helped or not, was unplug the power supply (power cord) for about 30 seconds, to "let the capicators discharge" i think someone said. either way those two things worked. harddrives & all data seem intact, from a cursory surf of them. cool!

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