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  1. have you used WiFi before at home? If not you need to log into router, go into wireless setup and the code will be listed (might need to check where it says show characters) then connect to your network with the code. Suggest you change SSID to a name more common for you to locate network, also make sure security is WPA-2 as this is much more secure and choose your own WiFi code (password). Can find more info here -
  2. We have as much chance of knowing that as you asking "what's was my second pet goldfish's name". It's your code. If you do a forum search, and check the Wireless section, you will see many many many posts and replies to this question.
  3. Nemo? (The second pet golfish's name - the wifi code is obviously "password".)

    Read the manual for your router and you'll find out how to check and set the password. This assumes that it really is your own network that you are trying to connect to, and not someone else's. On the Internet no-one can hear you tell the truth.
  4. go to and download extract it and open it you will see all wifi codes that already saved in your computer or you useing the wifi...
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