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Liquid nitrogen cooling simple

Im looking for a SIMPLE explanation of liquid nitrogen cooling for a computer that still give me a lot of insight, thanks.
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  1. There is no simple in liquid nitrogen. It is very risky and not cheap to do.
  2. Google it!
  3. it is not a permanent cooling solution. you would have to keep loading your cpu pot with the liquid as it evaporates .
  4. I've Googled it many times and I cant seem to find the explanation of the process,its benefits and risks. What I really want to know is HOW it works. I can only find articles on how to set it up.
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    It works by taking an extremely cold liquid and pouring it in a pot that is connected to the heatsink which is connected to the processor. This then cools the processor for extreme overclocking tests. It is NOT a permanent solution as the nitrogen evaporates. It also requires some very serious moisture isolation as the liquid nitrogen will cause condensation on anything not isolated.

    The risks are all your components could smoke. you could have a massive burn or in the very worse case issues you could loose a finger. Frost bite and massive burns happen very quick with a liquid (Liquid nitrogen freezes at 63 K (−210 °C; −346 °F)).

    Does this answer your questions?

    More food for thought:
  6. Take a physics course ;)

    Have a look at LN and other extreme cooling videos on youtube they may give you an idea.
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