1866 and 1600 DDR3 ram together??

Bit of a noob question here but i have 16gb of g.skill sniper DDR3 1600 ram and decided to just max out my board and be done with it. currently, newegg has a sale on g.skill sniper DDR3 1866 ram. I was wondering if i could run 1866 and 1600 at the same time as long as I run at 1600 (the slower of the two) or if all the ram modules have to match as far as speed? i figure running all four DIMMs at the higher 1866 speed is out, which is fine. I'd just rather save $15 and get the faster 1866 ram and run it at the 1600 speed of my previous ram as long as that's possible

in case it matters, the rest of my build is:

intel core i5 3570k
msi g-45 mobo
evga nividia 660 ti SC
crucial M4 256GB
WD 2TB Caviar Green
Antec p280

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  1. Most of the time it will work although matching ram is recommended.
  2. You'll probably run into problems with this setup if you do not get the settings right.
    It is possible to even run all ram cards at 1866MHz but going form 1600 to 1866 is not a very large speed upgrade you'll hardly notice anything.
    If you can setup everything properly then you should be fine. (Frequency and timings)
    Just make sure that all the cards have same operating voltage.
    In some motherboards there is option to set the ram timings of each memory controller individually, if this option is there on your motherboard then use a lower timings for the 1866MHz cards(running at 1600MHz). For this you have to put the ram cards of different sets on different memory not rollers.

    Try to boot the system with the cefault settings if that works use it.
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