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Approximately $2000 gaming pc

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November 28, 2011 6:41:46 PM

ok, so im looking at building my own desktop... i havent been in the desktop world in a long time since ive had gaming laptops for the past 2 and a half years and i have never built my own desktop tho i have done a lot of work on them (took some it classes as well as repaired several desktops)... i had been having issues with my laptop and finally got tired of it and took it back so i have around 1200 bucks in best buy credit that i can use, plus cash as i get paid... ive got a list of parts that i think i want but id like advice and maybe someone can see something that would be better or that isnt actually compatible... im looking at staying fairly close to the price that i am paying for each part, but if there is a better make or model or whatever and it isnt to much more expensive, then i will get that... i have to buy 1200 dollars worth of the computer thru best buy unfortunately since i didnt get cash back i got a gift card... so if you would, please keep that in mind... so will that long winded stuff out of the way, heres what we have

Approximate Purchase Date: by the end of January 2012

Budget Range: 1500-2000 Before / After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming as hard core as i can for the money, movies, internet, everything and the kitchen sink?

Parts Not Required: os, mouse, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: best buy for some,,, and as well as anywhere else with good deals

Country: united states

Parts Preferences: by brand or type (intel processor, nvidia graphics, full atx tower)

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes, sli preferable since i am not a radeon fan

Monitor Resolution: i have one monitor that is 1920 x 1080, but i would like a second monitor that is better lol

Additional Comments: quiet is good since i live at home with my parents and their room is next to mine... dont want to be keeping them awake... also, i have no idea about cooling and whether i can get by with fans or if i need liquid or what... also, if there are any parts that are not included in what i am about to lay out, like if i need more fans or anything for the motherboard that i dont know about, someone call me stupid and let me know lol... and id also like to say thanks!

ok, now the moment of truth... here is the part list that i have, please let me know what you think and whether they are all compatible or not, i will include links to the site... if it is on best buy, then it is probably not going to be optional to buy it from somewhere else, again because of the gift card... but if best buy has a better motherboard or something for example, then let me know and i will switch over to your suggestion

Motherboard - DX58SO2 Desktop Motherboard - - Socket B LGA-1366

Processor - Intel® - Core™ i7-960 3.2GHz Processor

Hard Drive - Western Digital - Caviar Black 1TB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive for Desktops

Graphics (i have 2 options, i havent been able to decide between the two)

Option 1 - EVGA - 02G-P3-1568-KR GeForce GTX 560 Graphic Card - 822 MHz Core - 2 GB - PCI Express 2.0 x16


option 2 - NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card

(thats everything that i am buying from bestbuy with my giftcard)

ram - im open to all suggestions, my grandma is getting me ram for christmas... im hoping to find a good bundle of ram so that i can have somewhere between 8 - 16 gigs from the start ( can be bought from anywhere

sound card (are these necessary?) - Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio

disk drive - Lite-On iHBS11204 12x Internal Blu-Ray Burner - BD-R 12x, BD-R DL 8x, DVD±R 16x, DVD±R9 8x, DVD+RW 8x, DVD-RW 6x, DVD-RAM 12x, SATA, 8MB, Tray, w/Software (OEM)

tower and power supply bundle - Cooler Master HAF 932 Advance ATX Full Tower Case and Corsair TX850W Power Supply Bundle

sorry that was so long... if you are still reading then thanks so much for any advice and all that jazz...

Wolf :pt1cable: 

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November 28, 2011 7:11:58 PM

i7 960 is outdated. For 2000$..I would get something WAY better.

Motherboard: ASRock z68 extreme3-gen3 125$
CPU: i7 2600k 320$
Ram: G.Skill Sniper Series Ram 8GB (2x4gb) 1600 clock 50$
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM 150$ (I have this, it's very fast.)
Asus 24x CD/DVD burner 20$. IF you REALLY want blu-ray (pointless, it's almost cheaper to buy a PS3), Lite-On Bluray 12x Speed 65$
Cooler Master HAF X 180$
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212+ EVO 30$
Graphics Cards: 2 Galaxy GTX 580 1.5 GB ram 3 fans 880$ after rebate
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold Series 1200w Power Supply Fully Modular 180$

Total W/Blu-ray: 1980
November 28, 2011 7:55:53 PM

The only problem with that is he needs to get the parts from best buy....

That really limits your options, best buy doesn't carry a lot of pc components and you will definitely be getting a good computer for the money, but if you weren't forced to use best buy it could be so much better
November 28, 2011 8:11:16 PM

I was just browsing best buy's website, it's actually not as bad as I thought. For a processor you'll want the i5-2500k (the 17 is a waste of $100). Video card i'd recommend a geforce 580 (won't be sli, but the card will run anything you throw at it on max settings, and u can always sli it later on if you really want to). For a mobo, stick with the asrock one that onefear posted, its an awesome board and a great price (recommend getting it from newegg). Make sure you get an ssd, i'd recommend the crucial m4 or the ocz vertex3 max iops version (200-300ish depending which one you get). Then grab a secondary mechanical drive for storage (500gb is fine, but 1tb is really cheap too, all depends on how much data you have). Ram can be almost anything, it's so cheap. you can get 8gb of ddr3 1600 CL8 for 65, or you can go CL9 to save some money. Cd drive can be anything, blu-ray or not. for a power supply, stick to a known brand with good reviews, you definitely don't want to go cheap on the PS (referring to brand, not price)

You can easily get everything above for about 1250-1300, then throw a case in (I would stick with onefear's recomendation of the haf-x if you are oc'ing) for another 150-200 and you can get a nice monitor with the rest.
November 28, 2011 8:46:06 PM

For his build the i7 will come in handy w/hyperthreading and the higher OC capability. I forgot an SSD, so just drop the blu-ray and use the spare money + the spare from the build for an ssd.

GTX 580 will run great, but SLI is awesome..BF3 and metro+crysis will rape almost anything.
November 28, 2011 8:49:33 PM

You can easily OC a 2500k to 4.5 with just a hyper212 cooler, i'd save the $100 since he won't see much a difference and this is for strictly gaming. the perfomrance increase is so minimal between the i5 and i7 he wouldn't notice the difference.

Which reminds me:
Get an aftermarket heatsink too, you can get the hyper212 for around $30 and it will take care of what you need it for.

Best solution

November 28, 2011 9:29:11 PM

Here's some parts I found on the Best Buy website:
i7 2600K

Gigabyte Z68 MOBO

November 28, 2011 10:42:23 PM

Cripple13 said:
The only problem with that is he needs to get the parts from best buy....

That really limits your options, best buy doesn't carry a lot of pc components and you will definitely be getting a good computer for the money, but if you weren't forced to use best buy it could be so much better

Go to Best Buy and buy LOTS of Visa Gift Cards! :D  :D  :D  :D  :D 
December 10, 2011 6:01:20 AM

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