Looking for advice on GPU upgrade

Hi everyone,

Which card do you think I should buy and why? I'd like to spend about $200. I read on AMD's website that the recommended BF3 card is a GTX560 or Radeon HD 6950. I read on here that the 560 is comparable to the 6870 so I'm a little confused as to what model of the Radeon I should be looking at. Thanks for your help! :)

6870: http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=15180BD7578&vpn=HD687AZHFC&manufacture=XFX
560: http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=11610BD6895&vpn=01G-P3-1463-KR&manufacture=EVGA

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next 2 weeks

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (Battlefield3, Diablo3, Skyrim)


OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: MSI P67A - G45, 8 gigs of ram, i5 2500k

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: directcanada.ca generally had the cheapest parts.

PARTS PREFERENCES: My last few cards were nvidia but I'd be willing to switch to Radeon if the price/performance is better



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'd like to play games at the highest FPS possible while sticking within my budget (obviously :P)
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  1. the 6870 compares to the 560ti. its better than the 560
  2. That shows the 6870 is better than the 560 by as much as the 560ti is better than the 6870.

    That also shows the 6850>6870. Is that factoring in price/performance? Or just stating outright that the 6850 is a better choice? Seems odd to me if it's outright.
  3. 560ti is better than the 6870 but more expensive the 6870 is better than the 560. i think the 6850 was just luck
  4. ive read a few articles and it looks like there they are roughly the same so it depends on price. it also depends on if you've got a cf or sli board incase you ever deside to get a 2nd gpu
  5. The 6870 is basically just an OC'ed 6850 and about $20 more expensive. Does that sound about right?
  6. smitty10 said:
    The 6870 is basically just an OC'ed 6850 and about $20 more expensive. Does that sound about right?

    yes , but you can still overclock it
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