Gtx 580 slow? -in my case-

Hello community, I have an EVGA GTX 580 Card that I have bought recently. I've been running some tests such as: OC tuner, 3D Mark11, and Furmark. I've been getting about 20 fps on all of these stress benchmarking software. Any idea on why this is happening? I'm reading up online and people are getting something to the gist of 50-80 fps no problem. Could it be my GPU is faulty? NOTE: I bought this card from Fry's Electronics, and it was ALREADY used, however, the guy -cards/cpu/laptop salesman- said it was returned by someone who just buys cards to test them and then returns them.


But anyways, My system specs (in as much detail as i can give you) ARE:

EVGA - GTX 580 (Fermi) NOT the SC VERSION, 1.5 Gigs GDDR5
OC - Core Voltage 1100mhz, Core Clock 900mhz, Shader Clock 1800mhz, Memory Clock 2100Mhz = STABLE (0 artifacts after 10 mins)

12gb - Corsair VENGENCE @ 1600mhz

ASUS - P8P67-EVO rev:3.0 Motherboard. (BIOS-ver.1850)

ASUS - CD ROM x24 Speed

Intel - Core i5 2500k 3.3Ghz OC @ 4.7ghz STABLE, Core Voltage 1.360 with 0.050.

Corsair - H60 Prefilled-Watercooling Heatsink.

Corsair - AX750 Tru Modular PSU

HDD - Hitatchi 7200 RPM 500gb @ Sata 3 @ 6.0GB

So, I hope you guys can help me out : )
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  1. That sounds like normal, pressure testing/benchmarking are completly different than real world tests. Are you sure your not running it on enthusiast settings? If so lower it to get better FPS. What you should be more concerned with is FPS in games, because benchmarks really dont mean anything unless your overclocking with the absolute best stuff.

    Another suggestion would be to go into the Nvidia control panel and make sure single display performance mode is checked along with prefer maximum performance under power usage settings.
  2. It seems that i don't have a power usage setting under my nvidia control program : /
  3. My hd6850 gets an average of 30FPS in furmark, so I don't think that sounds right. What resolution?
  4. Depends on what settings you have in furmark, you can run it at different levels you know performance, ethusiast, entry
  5. I run in 1080p when i go with furmark, and i get about 36 fps.
    The gtx 580 is supposed to be the most powerful single gpu on the market, so thats why i'm questioning this.
  6. first of all make sure that you card is not bottelneck by cpu
  7. 2500k @ 4.7 ghz, i cant even imagine having any sort of bottle necking. 4 cores at 4.7 is alot.
  8. bump.
  9. Like i said before it all seems right, to get more than 20 fps running those benches at max settings you need more like 3-4 cards to achieve more than 80 fps if your running full AA, full resolution, and maxed out settings. What more do you want?
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