Future Proofing: Gtx 590 or Gtx 580 sli

Which option is better for future proofing? I am referring to the gtx 580 1.5's, not the 3g ones; I don't think I have the money to sli two of those. Though... Would sli'ing the 3g ones be the Ultimate solution?

I like the idea of a single card solution, but if two cards are the way to go; I would need to know what motherboard to get so I am running 16x16 instead of 8x8. Also in consideration is that I could get a pcie3.0 supported mobo and be able to install a next gen single gpu way down the line.

This is for a new system build, and it's one that I need to build by the next two months and has to last.
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  1. the 2 580's are better than one 590 as each gpu has its own cooling system, therefore they have much higher stock clocks and run cooler, they also have much more overclocking headroom, the 590 should only be considered really if its impossible to use sli. the 3gb ones would be useful if you are gaming at a higher resolution than 1080p as some of these need a frame buffer larger than 1.5gb, if you are running at 1080p however the 3gb ones are probably just wasted money for now, as far as im aware no sandy bridge motherboards support 16x16 as that is one of the selling points of sandy bridge-e, also the pci3.0 wont be enabled unless you have 3.0 graphics cards (none exist atm) and a ivy bridge cpu, so it isnt really important unless youre planning to replace £700 of hardware in 6 months time
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