Best Under $100 Case/PSU Combo

I was looking at these two and thought you guys might have some better reccomendations. I would prefer to shop at (im canadian) or if price+shipping is cheaper.

Cooler Master HAF 912 -

DiabloTek PHD455 - 450W -

Im plan to use intel's integrated graphics (Core i5 2500, No GPU) with a mid-end ECS motherboard, 8GB of RAM, 1HDD and a DVD Drive.

Any reccomendations would be appreciated.
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  1. Case is fine.
    Steer clear of Diablotek.

    Seasonic SS-350ET 80Plus APFC $37
    Doesn't come with a power cord, so you will either have to buy one or reuse one.
    Also doesn't have that many connectors, but sufficient for what you are using it for and much better quality than the Diablotek.
  2. the power supplies you want to try to buy are xfx, seasonic, antec, or corsair. the cx430, or 500.
  3. logan77 said:

    Due to it having a voltage selector switch and claiming 72% efficiency I'd say that it is low end and not worth the same price as the Seasonic unit I linked.
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