PSU for a 570?

looking to build a new rig with a 570 and an oc'd i7 2600k, i currently have a corsair tx650w and i gather that would be sufficient but it's about 4 years old and has had hours of daily usage

think it would be alright? ty in advanced
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  1. For a single 570 its more than enough even with 4 years of aging.
  2. yeah? nice, thanks.. any idea when i'd need to upgrade psu or does it have many years left?
  3. I second what hunter said. Corsair is a reputable brand and the tx version of their psu lines have very good longevity. 650w from this baby is more than enough for your configuration, it'll even leave you room for some overclocking.
  4. It probably has another 3-5 years left in its life, it was overbuilt using good components and since you arent running it at full load it has a bit of extra life in it. If you build a whole new rig you might want to replace it with one of the newer more efficient units but i wouldnt bother replacing it until it goes bad or you replace the whole rig.
  5. cheers for replies

    i am kinda replacing my entire rig minus case/hdd (and psu hopefully) and hoping to OC it to 4.4

    s'all good then?
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