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Can my PSU run a GTX 570?

I bought an Antec TruePower 650 for my computer. Can it run this EVGA GTX 570 confidently? That graphics card has a maximum power of 219W.

It recommends 38 Amps on the +12 Volt rail. This PSU can provide 22A on rails 1 and 2, and 25A on rails 3 and 4. Can I connect the card to two rails to get the 38 Amps?

And what's the best graphics card this PSU can safely power?
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    The TP 650 has more than enough power for any single graphics card, it can also handle most of the dual GPU cards like the GTX 590.

    When dealing with power requirements its the combined rating of the 12 V rails that matters since the card wont be pulling 38 A, it will be pulling 20 A at most, some of which is coming from the motherboard so its already spread among multiple rails, the 38 A rating is for the whole system since your average high end CPU needs about 10-12 A from the 12 V rail, and the rest of the system components puts your total load around 38 A from the 12 V rail under full power. For more on why the multiple rails dont matter
  2. Thank you for the advice
  3. , you should be fine. as each pci-e connector uses a different rail.
    unless your going for mid 4Ghz overclocks on your cpu and plan on overclocking your gpu or if you have 10 case fans and 8 hard drives you should consider getting a better power supply. but a normal 1-2 HD and 3-5 fan system should run fine.
    your current power supply will be running at 70-90% max load. you would need a power meter to be more specific than that.
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