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CPU Temp Fine... but core temps hit 100C [i5 2500k]

Just put together a new computer with an i5 2500k. 8GB Samsung Low Voltage Ram. The mobo is an Asrock Extreme3 Gen3. I'm currently running Windows 8 for the free OS factor, and using the onboard graphics of the i5.

Running at the stock clock rate, settings untouched, Intel Burn runs at a CPU temp of 63C Max over extended time. However after checking Coretemp and the Core Temperatures listed in AIDA64 I realized the cores were hitting ~98C in merely 30 seconds. I'm using the stock HSF as I'm only using stock clock for the time being, with Silver 5 instead of the stock thermal compound. I believe the HSF is seated fine. Is there something stupid I'm missing? I appreciate the help.
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  1. Double check the seating on the heatsink. Intel's stock heatsinks are such a PITA to get clamped down properly. Anyway, definitely check that.

    Make sure the fan on the heat sink is also plugged in.

    Also, try using prime95 and check your temps using that program. If it hits 90C+ then you did something wrong.
  2. Thanks, I've removed and reseated multiple times, cleaning and reapplying the thermal grease. Each time the surface coverage looked perfect, and looked as if contact had been great. I really don't see the problem with the stock HSF installation and removal, at least as far as seating. Obviously intel's HSF isn't great, but it's on a stock clock for now. All 4 tabs are completely locked down, and it's totally solid.

    Testing with Prime or IBT both yield the same results, the cores hit 98C, and the processor clocks down to the 1.8Ghz range, to keep from completely overheating.

    Could it be that I possibly got a bad processor? I bought it from MicroCenter, so if necessary I'll simply get another one... would it be worth trying a different HSF, such as the 212 first?
  3. What are the cores and CPU temp while idle?

    The core temp shouldn't be THAT far off the CPU temp. I'm smelling a sensor malfunction.

    Is it 90C on all cores?
  4. At idle the CPU Temp is 32C, and the Core Temps are 34C-39C.

    As soon as I do any loading with Prime or IBT, the core temps all jump to the 90C to 98C within about 15 seconds. However, the CPU Temp will never exceed 63C no matter how long it is run. I feel no heat under the heat sink, so I'd be inclined to believe you may be right about the sensor issue.

    Thanks again.
  5. how much thermal paste are you applying?

    your low voltage ram, what voltage is that working at?
  6. I'm running it at 1.5 as it can be used at 1.35 or 1.5 and the mobo auto selected that.

    I've used the stock thermal compound, then the Thin spread method, then a small amount in the center, then a pea sized amount. All yielded the same results.
  7. good, it sounded like you'd put a layer on, just checking with the ram, 1.5 is ok
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    Take the processor back to Micro-center and get a replacement, is what I would recommend at this point. If everything else is checking out, then it must be the processor.
  9. Got it handled. Returned and replaced, temps are good now. I guess it really was just a bad CPU.

    Thanks for the input!
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