Horrible cable management

I have an In Win Ironclad case with a pc power and cooling silencer 910 watt power supply.

The power supply isn't modular and the case has very poor cable management. I want to try and get a new case so the cable management is less of an issue. Any recommendations?
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  1. On mobile. Atm, I can help with cables though, google 'Motopsychojdn next one' for my dragon rider build
    It should give you some ideas, my TX850 is not modular either,
    I'll post more when I get home in the am though :-)
  2. Googled some reviews on your case, its very similar to mine so if you are ready to dremel a hole or two, it will be relatively easy to invisify your wires :-)
    Could you post a pic of current state for me?
  3. Yeah give me a sec
  4. http://i39.tinypic.com/4qsnk1.jpg

    Here is my current state...
    It's proving to be quite the headache... :(
  5. Yup, this is going to be fun :-)
    I'll get to sorting this when I'm home (work nightshifts)
    If you look over my build it should give you some idea of what you can do, given enough patience and maybe a few zipties in your case
  6. Okie dokie thank you very much. I'll get to working to see what I can do while you're gone lol.
  7. I'm still unable to hide the motherboard power cord. It's really thick, like 1/4 of an inch thick.... I dont' know how I'm going to hide it.
  8. Which one? the 20+4 or the 4/8pin?
    heres my build log btw, maybe you can see a few routing options/ideas you'd not noticed before, pics start about halfway on first page

    the 20+4pin I fed up the back of the mobo tray then removed the meshing so I could squash it flatter and make it more flexible, the 8pin cable I just fed through the back again, and it fits over the top of the tray where its needed, one thing that is useful though,
    drill two holes about an inch apart,(wherever you need to hold a cable) feed a cabletie through both holes from the back so the little block is at the rear, not under the mobo, click it through to make a loop, the you have a nice tiedown, if you look carefully I used that tecnique three times to make the 8pin line behave :)
    the 20+4 required a little more work, I angle ground a hole big enough for the connector to fit through, but I placed it inside the confines of the mobo perimeter,
    the cable feeds through from the back, under the mobo and then is bent round to where the connector is on the mobo, and taped to hold the shape
    hope some of these ideas help man :)
  9. You and another thread I'm working on have inspired me to write a cable management guide, I have an upcoming project to add my gfx cards to the loop and construct an external radbox,
    when I strip the rig to do that, I'm going to use the time to do some photos and explain a little more how I hide them all,
    Thanks for the idea man
  10. Another one of mine, again, non modular psu

    Heres the evolution/build log of that one, you'll see how quickly you pick up ideas and go mental hehe (including putting a sword and axe through as a mod :P

    its very possible to invisify cables, its simply a matter of how much you want to put into it, most aren't as Ocd as I am lol
  11. if you do want to go for a new case i just built mine with a coolermaster storm trooper

    my cable management skills are terrible--heres my old case


    and heres the new


    lot better

    @ moto--god i wish you lived near me yours is so neat its embarrassing :D
  12. But you have shown Op the difference a little time and thought can make so thank you man,
    If I ever expand Cable management into the busineses I'll let you know hehe :P
    Discount for Toms members ofc

  13. Motopsychojdn said:
    But you have shown Op the difference a little time and thought can make so thank you man,
    If I ever expand Cable management into the busineses I'll let you know hehe :P
    Discount for Toms members ofc


    if you do expand Cable management into the business next time i am up in lincolnshire i will be calling you as i

    think you are not far from there :D
  14. Thank you very much moto. I just have a couple of questions.

    After I get my 24 pin and 4/8 pin to behave, I still have a bunch of sata and molex cables that I have to hide. Any suggestions?
  15. What you need is a couple of well-placed holes through the Mobo, you can use this a a guide for placement if you wish

    The diamond at the top left is intended for your 4/8pin Cpu line to feed through from the rear, and the lower ones would be placed for your frontpanel headers, sata leads etc as your case doesn't have the provided cutouts mine does, just drill/dremel a hole large enough for the connectors to pass through and make sure your edges are protected, file sharp bits or put trim/tape over the edges if necessary
    I go overboard somewhat with any holes I make and make them inside the mobo perimeter, then feed the wires back under the mobo from the plug, bad pic but you get the idea,

    Molex lines, figure out what you have to power from them and if you can use one line to power fans,drives etc, then the other molex line can be tucked away neatly,
    but the best thing I find is planning the route the cable takes, you can make the cable take a little detour to use up slack before the next device in the chain needs the connector,
    a general rule though, if you can route it behind do so, its out of the main areas airflow that way, it doesn't matter how pretty it looks tbh, its out of the way, pretty comes later :)
  16. my only problem is that the other side of my case is too small for hiding cables. and I'm going to have to cut the cable braiding from everything in order to make it work, and I'm not so sure I have room to hide everything.
  17. Theres always room hehe, its just finding it,
    My other halfs build had less than 2mm at the rear so I did the best I could,
    doesn't look too shiny but the cables are out of the airflow, and thats the main thing :)
  18. All right. I'm going to start working on this pretty soon. I'll update with picks when I get the chance.
  19. Cool, have fun and take breaks, sometimes it helps to take 5 mins and look with fresh eyes after a coffee :-)
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