I5-2450M vs i7-2670M?

I5-2450M vs i7-2670M?
I am buying a new laptop, both 8GB DDR3, Nvidia GeForce GT 630M, both Acer Aspire, same everything, the only differences are the processors and the price.

1: i5-2450M ; €649
2: i7-2670QM ; €799

Which one do you recommend?

I intend to use it for gaming, mainly Skyrim, Shogun II and maybe BF3, other than that I will need to program and run simulations and regressions, basically in STATA and in excel using Crystal Ball.
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  1. Because you want to play a lot of Skyrim, it will benefit from the faster CPU. If you're cool playing on medium settings, I would save the cash and leave it at the i5. Skyrim is easily CPU bottlenecked, but the i5 should be good for medium-highish settings.
  2. i7-2670QM is almost 80% Faster... for $150 still worth

  3. That's 150 pounds. About 240 USD.
  4. You pay 23% More get 80% Performance ... easy math!
  5. Bones2525 said:
    That's 150 pounds. About 240 USD.

    its euros
  6. *feels retarded* It's still about two hundred USD though.
  7. That cpu alone is worth around $200 so it is worth picking up the quad core. I don't like dual cores and they are very easily maxed out while doing even basic tasks.
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