Upgrading an old system

I have an old Dell 8300 with a XFX HD 4650 agp video card, 2.5 gigs of ram, P4 @3.0ghz and a 400w psu w/ Windows 7

I'm not looking to buy a whole new rig because mine is still running fine and I'm not confident that I'll buy all the correct/compatible parts if I build my own

Although I am looking to upgrade my system as far as possible. I definitely want to upgrade my RAM a bit and video card so recommendations are welcome. My PC only takes AGP cards btw and I don't have a price range.
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  1. want an honest reply ? Build or have someone build a new system. That processor cannot push your video card to it's potential now.
  2. I agree with swifty_morgan on this one, any money spent on this system with hopes of even a modest performance gain that you might notice is money in the toilet.
    Save your cash for a complete platform upgrade.
  3. We could also help you pick parts if needed.
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