Intelk i7-3930K vs i7-2700K

First off I apologize for posting so much, especially if you just read my last post about basically the same thing but I just had a quick question.

But which one would be better? The Intel Core i7-3930K, or i7-2700k? I could actually afford the extra $260 to get the i7-3930K Six Core over the i7-2700k quad core. I was just wondering your thoughts.

Please don't overreact, I was just looking for an opinion. Thanks!

**Intel, in the thread post lol, my bad really tired when I typed this.
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  1. What are you using this PC for?
  2. Shorts Answers
    If used for gaming then no, with the exception of only like 2 games none gain any benefit from more then 4 cores and it's a waste of money.

    For high end productivity, video/image/sound or any highly threaded programs, then yes
    "... Now, here’s where things get murkier. Add up all of the benchmark results, and the stock $600 Core i7-3930K only gives you a 15% average advantage over the stock Core i7-2600K.

    Look at where the gains are lost and found, though. Lame, WinZip, Acrobat X, iTunes, and to some extent After Effects offer little or even negative scaling. Photoshop, 3ds Max, Premiere Pro, SolidWorks, FineReader, 7-Zip, MainConcept, and Handbrake all favor the Core i7-3930K by around 20% up to about 30%.

    If the amount of money I make is affected by those performance numbers, or if I do a lot of video work, or if I’m even applying threaded filters in Photoshop, paying an extra $280 for the -3930K is worth it.

    If you’re gaming with one (or even two) high-end graphics cards in your system, doing a lot of desktop productivity work, or simply on a more constrained budget, the 2600K is a better bet. Shoot, at that point, I’d still say step it on down to a 2500K."
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