ASUS P8H61-M LE 2nd slot isn't working

The 2nd RAM slot on my motherboard does not seem to be working. I have just purchased a second 4GB stick of the exact same RAM as the current version that I have. Having either stick in the first slot works perfectly, but using the second slot at all will make the computer not boot (1 stick in only second, or 1 stick in both). I blew compressed air into the slot for 5 minutes, but it did not work. There does not seem to be visible damage. The manual on the ASUS website does not give any help regarding the problem I am facing. When I have one stick of RAM in the second slot the case and CPU fans will spin, LED's will be on, but the motherboard beep indicating that the computer started fine does not happen and it never reaches BIOS. Last case scenario I would see if it is still under warranty. Any help is appreciated.

Motherboard: P8H61-M LE (Lx2)
Memory: Super Talent W1333UB4GM 1333Hz CL9 1.5V Non-ecc unbuffered
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  1. Hi, It looks like a CPU socket bent pins issue. If deciding to uninstall the CPU, use a magnifying glass or take a high res picture for inspecting the socket.
  2. I would request an rma from asus, but test your good original ram stick in the bad slot first. Super talent isn't the best ram quality wise, so it could be the ram. Give asus 24 hours to respond; tell asus the board won't post with ram in the second slot. Send in only the board, and keep all accessories. Packing with an anti static bag and two boxes is recommended. Any surface scratches or burn marks will void your warranty, so inspect the board first.
  3. I did not touch the CPU whatsoever. If I have either of the ram in the good slot only the computer will start up perfectly. And if it were the CPU, then the motherboard would be able to reach BIOS, since that process should be independent of the OS and CPU. I will request an RMA o1die.
  4. The memory controller is integrated into the CPU. If there are bent pins in the memory area, then often the result is unusable RAM slot/s. Since you'll RMA the board, you can take a look at the socket after uninstalling the CPU. Just out of curiosity.
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