Help Needed with ASUS Z77 Sabertooth BIOS Update

Good evening everyone, I'm looking for some help and advice please about updating the BIOS on my new Z77 Sabertooth.

Ok, so I've finally built my new gaming rig with an i5 3570k, the OS is installed and I'm now at the stage of updating everything. Now I remember reading on quite a few threads on here and other sites that when building a new PC after everything is installed you should update the MoBo BIOS.
Well my question is, should I being doing this, the system has only been running for a day but everything seems to be running smooth, so is there any point, is there any real benefit??? Or just because the Sabertooth has the USB BIOS Flashback to make it easier should I just do it anyway???

Would really appreciate any advice.
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  1. No. I recommend you leave the bios alone. I usually only update if a cpu upgrade won't post. It's not necessary, and flashing sometimes goes wrong and can give you a dead board or change your overclocking options (settings) in the bios.
  2. Yeah I've read horror stories about BIOS updates going wrong and that's what I'm worried about. I wasn't sure if the reward outweighed the risk :-\
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