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Hello Everyone,

As usual, BIOS manuals don't give a very detailed description of the options in bios besides the "This turns <option name> ON or OFF".

So I don't have a clue how to set up the FANs control in the BIOS. They come as "Full on" by default, but it creates a lot of noise, so I wanted to know how to set them up to reduce the amount of noise when idle.

CPU and Chassis FANs options are [Full ON] [Automatic Mode] and [Manual].

What I don't know how to configure, are the two options when choosing Automatic
Target CPU Temperature
Target Fan Level [Level 1 to 9]

I don't know if Target CPU temperature stands for "Turn full on when it reaches this" or "Try to keep the CPU at this temperature".
Same goes for Target Fan level, I don't know if it will lock the Fan at that level or try to keep it at that speed when allowed by the Target CPU temperature. (something like a minimum functional level).

I have an i7-3820 (not overclocked).

Does anyone know how should I set up the chassis fans?

CPU cooler is a Corsair H100 so it handless itself.

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    They should be the same for all ASRock mobos...

    -Target CPU Temperature is the maximum temp the cpu can go to before the system starts increasing fan speeds to provide more cooling. (CPU Fan Only)

    -Target Fan Level/Speed is the current level your fans will be running at until the target temperature is reached, then they will increase speed to provide more cooling. (4pin Fans)

    Target Fan Level/Speed is the current level your fans will be running at all times. (3pin fans only)

    I have a H60 Corsair. Now mine doesn't control the fans, so mine is setup different.

    Pretty sure on the H100, it controls the fan & pump speed with its integrated controller. This link from Corsair is the best way to run it. It has detailed step by step instructions.
  2. Thanks for the Reply. Yes the options description is the one you provided.

    I left the big front chassis FAN at maximum (makes no noise)

    And the target speed as Low as possible in all fans with Automatic control (Chassis 2 and CPU1 and 2), plus the CPU temperature target to its default 50ºC.

    I had to unplug one of the Corsair H100 fans from the pump cause it was keeping it at high RPM regardless of CPU temp, so I plugged it into the Motherboard and now it's been handled by it.

    Too bad the second H100 fan has only 3 pins, cause if I connect it to the CPUFAN1 connector (4 pins) it goes at full RPM all the time.. I had to leave it connected to the pump.

    It's weird, it's in quiet mode so is supposed to have a rpm limit of 1300, but it's reporting 2100 RPMs to the motherboard... seems to be running at 1300 though..

    Anyway, I'll consider the problem solved. It will be great to get a 4 pin 120mm fan, but it's not something I can find easily in my country.

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