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Alright, so here's my deal. I not too long ago had a NZXT sentry 2 bust on me causing a severe melting/smoke from the molex power connector that supplied power to my fans.

I had the five connections of the sentry hooked up as such,
Fan plug 1: 1, 120mm red LED fan,
Fan plug 2: 1, 120mm red LED fan,
Fan plug 3: 1, 120mm red LED fan,
Fan plug 4: 2, 120mm red LED fans,
Fan plug 5: 2, 140mm red LED fans.

For a while the fan controller worked like a charm. Though when I swapped mobo's suddenly the problems occured (Think the molex pins might have been pushed out when trying to plug it into my PSU.)

Luckily for me, NZXT supplied me with a replacement, and the PSU that the controller took with it is being replaced as well.

But here's my dilemma. Part of me is tempted to just toss this thing into my closet and forget it, the other half wants badly the cool functions and use that the old one provided me with. (I mean when it worked this thing was probably one of the better fan controllers I've owned.)

So what kind of precautions can I take to install this safely? What can I do to ensure no problems strike me, and above all else, no damn fires.

Is it not worth it? What might have caused the fire (Could it have been the suspected problem with the molex pins being pushed out slightly?)

Any and all advice welcome.

I'd really like to find a safe way to reincorporate this into my system. Even if it means drastically reducing the number of fans I connect to it.


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  1. Straight from the power supply you can get 5 volts, 7 volts and 12 volts.
    You don't need a fan controller. It's silly.
    Hook up a 12 volt fan to 5,7,12 for low medium and high speed.
    The only fan that needs to be controlled is the CPU fan, plug that into the motherboard CPU fan connector. the rest can run constant like on 5 volts or 7 volts.
  2. I get that I don't "Need" one. It's that I enjoyed the simplicity of having one that could tone down my fans based on current needs right from the front of my PC...

    Now due to the aforementioned burnout I am left not only with no way to regulate fan speeds without manually adjusting each fan through their respective switches... But a blank space in my upper drive bay as I can't seem to find the plate that was in there prior to putting in the fan controller.

    So yeah, appreciate the input, but it just doesn't fit my needs atm.
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