GeForce GTS 450 blurry???

Just finished building my new PC and getting it "up to speed". The build included a nVidia video card, as I needed a pretty decent one to run Photoshop CS4 Extended.

I have a monitor that is kinda old (will be getting a new one soon). It's a ViewSonic VG730m.

I'm noticing that text is just the tiniest bit blurry now. I did change the refresh rate to 75hZ and it helped a bit, while ensuring that the monitor was set to the native resolution of 1280X1024.

Any suggestions on how to optimize? I need pretty exact renderings, as I'm a photographer (yes, I know I need a new monitor;) ). This is really kind of annoying.

Thanks, Andrea.
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  1. you are using the DVI cable to connect it right? if your not i suggest you do so.
  2. I apologize for sounding dumb, but how can I tell? I just plugged in the cable that's included with the monitor.
  3. you probably have a vga cable plugged in. The vga cable has a smaller connector and usually has blue connectors. DVI is a wider connector and is usually white. Go get yourself a DVI cable and your problem will be solved.
  4. Yes, I think you're right. The connector is blue and pretty small. Ok, great...I will look into a DVI cable. Thanks!
  5. Plus 1 ^
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