Upgrading xps

Hey guys,

I hope i'm posting this in the right place.
I want to upgrade my studio xps.
Could you please confirm the compatibility of these parts:

Intel x58
Intel i7 920 @ 2.67
6gb OCZ DDR3-SDRAM (1333 MHz) 3x2gb
640 gb 7200 RPM hard drive
DVD drive
6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC
Corsair Enthusiast TX650 V2
Aerocool Vx-9 Pro Limited Edition

I'm dying already to buy the gpu, psu and case. but afraid it might not fit together.

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  1. Looks ok , your OS is 64bit right , because your getting 6gb ram and you need 64bit to see all of it.
  2. Yep. 64bit is what i have. Thanks for the reply inzone.
  3. I've read that Dell gives hard time in changing the case with their mobo.
    Does anybody know something about that?
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