Terrible Memory performance


My Corsair Memory: CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9

is giving me a terrible passmark score.

Memory Mark
#1 - 2GB Transcend Information PC2-6400----- 777
#2 - 4GB Kingston PC2-6400----------------- 909-
#3 - 8GB Samsung PC3-12800--- -----------1882
#4 - 8GB Nanya Technology PC3-12800---- 2215
#5 - 8GB Corsair PC3-10600 --------------1950
#6 - 16GB G Skill Intl PC3-12800 ---2299
This Computer ----------------------------1336

I'm running it at DDR3 1600 speeds, why is the score so low?

My build:
AMD FX-8320 @ 4.0 Ghz
Asus M5a97 R2.0
WD Velociraptor 500Gb
XFX 7850 DD
Seasonic M12II 620w
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  1. Hi, What is the WEI for memory and what's the BIOS version?
  2. WEI for Memory is 7.7, BIOS is the latest one as of December
  3. can you double check if it is really running 1600, try cpu-z or something.
  4. 7.7 is OK Try a different benchmark application.
  5. CPU-z says DRAM freq. is 800mhz, i beleive that means DDR1600

    because DDR is Double Data Rate
  6. Yes, it's 1600. I think there's nothing wrong with the RAMs.
  7. alexoiu said:
    Yes, it's 1600. I think there's nothing wrong with the RAMs.

    so my supposed score shouldn't impact my computer's performance?
  8. i tried that benchmark that you used, and yes i scored higher than those, 2000+, but higher than that above (cant remember)
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