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Hi guys,

I'm going to upgrade my video card, and i saw this card at a good price $199 bucks. :sarcastic: since is OC'ed from factory i'm a lil bit worried about the stability, because i saw in a few reviews that card stop working and others said that is stable and they are running it in sli bla bla bla bla. please share your opinion :D.



(P.s: my budget atm is 200 bucks won't go up from there because i have more expenses coming up :( )
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  1. It is a good card. Who is more likely to make a review the person that is happy or the person that has complaints?
  2. Of late I been buying a lot of factory OC'd cards. Used to be that the prevailing logic was OC it yaself, why pay them ..... but that mindset is no longer valid as:

    1. Vendors now "binning" their products
    2. OC'd models oft have oversized coolers and other improvements.
    3. They are oft same cost as reference cards.

    Now I gotta tell ya tho that I had an 18 month battle w/ EVGA over a factory OC'd GTX 295 that I had to RMA 5 times. I swapped it out with borrowed twin Asus 560 Ti's which were also OC'd by a much larger margin and they had no problem in same box, thereby pinning the problem down to the EVGA card. Finally EVGA sent me a reference 480 which has been performing well enough.

    I have OC'd 7 of these to 1000MHz .... w/ no voltage boost . The 8th took a single notch voltage boost to make stable at 1000MHz....It's $30 over ya budget tho. However, it comes with new Batman game so there's ya $30 back :)


    Is the card you looking at a 560 or a 560 Ti .... if the former, I'd skip it.
  3. thanks for the response guys, since i live in another country and i get 2 taxes :/ that's why i cant afort a TI or a 6950 hd...ill see what i can figure out :D
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