First Gaming PC - Did I do OK? - From Black Friday Deals

I bought the following all from Black Friday deals from several different web sites. This is my first custom build gaming PC and wondering if I did good or not. (Note: prices include all rebates)

Motherboard: MSI P67A-G43 (B3) $79
Processor: Intel Core i7-2600K $299
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus 120mm $25
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600 MHz $45
Graphics: 2 x AMD Radeon HD 5850 1 GB GDDR5 $250
Hard Drive: Crucial 128 GB m4 $209
Hard Drive: Took from Western Digital external $0
Optical: Asus 24xDVD±RW Drive $20
Case: Antec-Three Hundred Computer $20
Power: ANTEC| NEO ECO 620C 620W RT $35
Total Cost: $982
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  1. Looks pretty decent. the motherboard though prolly wasnt the best choice. thats an awesome dead on that ram. I would've went with 1 6970 or 6950 over the 2 5850's. i7 was a bit of an overkill but nothing is going to out perform it for a while.
  2. Two 5850s for $250, as in $125 each? If so that's an awesome deal, if that was $250 each then perhaps not so much.

    Otherwise it looks pretty good. You just need an OS ^_^. happy gaming.
  3. Weak
  4. Youngster, thanks for the comments. What do you mean about the motherboard. I am not a big hardware guy so if you could explain I would appreciate it.

    Megamanx, yes 2 of the 5850s for $125 each = $250 total. That is why I got 2 of them instead of a single higher end video card. It was a good deal I thought from what I know.

    Madchem, your just jealous lol. Go back to playing with your 133mhz Command & Conqueror game hehe. Say something meaningful if you want to help. That is what this is about.
  5. What's a point of tellin u what's wrong if u already bought ?
  6. madchemist83 said:
    What's a point of tellin u what's wrong if u already bought ?

    Perhaps he wants to learn from your infinite knowledge.

    I would not have purchase the 16 gigs, could have gotten 8 for 30 during the sales. games don't even use more than 4 gigs.

    Would not have purchase the i7 2600k, would have gone with the i5 2500k instead. Again to save cash and the hyperthreading is not needed for gamming.
  7. well then he shouldn't have asked how he did
    I'm giving my honest opinion
    all of the components except SSD and case are either overkill or poor quality
    my knowledge is not infinite as I learn everyday snappy
    to conclude my post read my moto
  8. wasn't really being serious mad, I read your motto. What was stated was stated due to your motto. Irony was used.

    Perhaps an elucidation or smile face was in order.

    anyways you can always learn from your mistakes, and that's all he was probably looking for. Mistakes and alternatives to his choices.
  9. that's a nice one
  10. I forgot to mention that I will be running VMs from this computer as well to test different software and such. Even several at the same time. That is why I went for more memory. I went for the i7 just for fun as my budget was $1,000.

    Could someone please explain why a different motherboard would be considered better? What would make it better? Speed, reliability, features? Would appreciate it. Thank you all!
  11. Even if you weren't using all those VMs it's still good you bought all that RAM. After all when I built my computer I thought 4GB would be enough, but now it's getting used up by all the stuff I do and low latency 1066 RAM isn't reasonable to buy lately. So yeah the extra RAM will come in handy latter even if you didn't use it all now.

    Not bad for your first build :D
  12. Turns out something was wrong with my case so I returned it, got refund and saw the Antec Lanboy case on sale for $99 so I bought that.... guess I went over my $1,000 budget lol but oh well. Now I will have USB 3.0 on the front panel.

    I am still curious about the motherboard comment though. Anyone?
  13. z68 has better options, supposedly if you can return that get one of those. look at the reviews here.
  14. there goes my point .. thanks pothead
  15. Thank you P07H34D for your worthless words. I am not asking to be put down. I am asking if not the motherboard... then please explain why... not just old/outdated.... what technically is better or not.

    Don't be so hateful of everyone cleaming your better. Grow up. Now if you would like to give some helpful advice please carry on... seriously
  16. i miss something? ok guys, oh and OP? please read reviews here for these boards under motherboards, check news. there are 100-200 buck then 200+ z68 brands listed, not much said about asus.

    But p67 had limitations for a couple of reasons it made no sense because it seemed to lock down what people could use.

    read the reviews and those comments
  17. as u already purchased ur system u r not in a hurry so do not need quick response to what is wrong and why is it outdated .. so please take your time and research yourself and maybe by the time u r building ur next rig u'll understand more
  18. hehe I never thought we can have so much fun on this forum
  19. I see the point now, pothead does have one. He said it well now, if you want to Op you can sell or return those gpu's and get a 6970 still... I would have done that even if it was a mistake, doesn't your an i7 have a igp you can use in the mean time, only thing worth changing atm... and the psu 750w-1000w corsairs, antec, pingiun, cool master idk.... modular idk...

    the case makes no sense, it may have not fit the 6950/70 pothead...
  20. one more thing OP the reason you come here, is for advice, you should have come here days prior to black friday sale and asked people about your picks.. and if you were at microcenter with me i'd have helped you ^_^.

    p67 is out of date and pretty much obsolete with z68.

    Pothead may have been blunt, and straightforward but you did ask for help :(.
  21. he is stuck with the i7 2600 until he wants to sell it, and try and get a i5 2500, but that is it, only thing I can see him doing is selling the memory or hitting return, to get money back, then buying new 8gb ones, or just buying 8 gb ones, and selling 16 gb memory. That seems like overkill unless he does programming and editing, besides games... (doubt it).
  22. As long ss it doesn't interfere with cooler
  23. Like Mad said, low profile ram is preferable if you have large heatsinks, the gen3 mobo is slightly narrower compared to others, However the g. skill sniper ram has a lower profile compared to both the vengeance and the ripjaws.

    I have had no problems with the sniper series thus far, it barely fit under my heatsink. the vengence and ripjaw probably would not have without modification.
  24. there is low profile vengeance
  25. low profile? so size i assume?

    can this and the memory I listed above work with an x58 asus sabertooth motherboard? basically a friend of mine uses 17-950 from last year, and I think he needs new memory, the memory he bought died out early, and seems he never replaced it, he knows not a lot about stuff like that.

    I might as well tell him to grab a 1333/1600 kit from gskill/corsair/kingston 8-16 gb if it is cheap for him, since i know he needs more than one upgrade in a certain area (HDD/SSD), (VGA) etc, any upgrade this guy can get would be worth it, but memory for him right now needs to be changed.
  26. ? no comprende
    just ram without heatsink on top
  27. No I was just making sure, because I have a friend whom has a system from last year who needs new ram.
  28. I also figure that is what you meant by looking at them :P, yeah the gkill ripjaws and x series have high profile heatsinks on top looking at newegg. I am going for the sniper series, as for my friend i'll have him look at the ripjaw/x series along with corsair and kingston, gkill is a given though.
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