CPU FAN Speed is Low !!

well I've got an Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.8GHz (OCed from 2.6Ghz) Processor which has a stock fan
the fan used to work at 2800 rpm when it runs at max speed but now since a couple of days it never reaches above 1900 rpm
I made a stress test recently and found out when the Temperature gradually increases fan speed barely increases and eventually it doesn't go beyond 1890~1900 rpm
at that speed the CPU temperature was 87 Celsius I didn't go further because obviously there must be something wrong with the fan as I suppose
it used to work at 2900 rpm when the temperature was 60 Celsius. I am wondering what is the reason for this sudden change.

Is my CPU fan dying or something? or is there anyway to increase the CPU Fan speed? I checked everywhere on BIOS but there is noway to increase the
Fan speed, I tried the Speed Fan and it says fan works at full speed (100%), also I tried the "Fox One" Software which comes with the Motherboard still the same result. in "Fox one" I put the Fan Speed to 100% and but it still works around 1800 rpm also tried the Smart Fan but still the same result. please suggest me something. please note that I DID NOT change any hardware, software recently

Here is my System Specification.

Foxconn G41MX-K Motherboard
Hitachi 250GB 7200rpm Hard disk
Axle GTX 460(DDR 5,1GB,450W) Graphic Card
1 DVD Writer , Samsung.
Samsung 15 inches , Sync Master 632NW Model LCD Monitor
2.6GHz(Over Clocked to 2.8GHz~ Dynamic Overclocking) Intel Dual Core Processor.
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  1. Well with old hardware, things break. I suggest you get a new cooler.
  2. seems like your cpu fan is in
    *glasses on*
  3. It's possible the fan just needs a little lubrication, but it's also possible the fan's bearings are showing their age finally and lubrication won't really help.
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