RAM: Which is better?

(Chose Corsair as a sub because apparently I can't find just a "memory" category...)

Which is better, four 2GB sticks of RAM, or two 4GB sticks of RAM? (both equaling 8GB) Just wondering, cause I am looking to upgrade my RAM.
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  1. 2X4GB RAM
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    If you have quad channel then 4x2gB (lga 2011, X79 chipset)
    If you have dual channel 2x4gB.
    Four 2gB cards will slightly be faster than 2 4gB cards in any config. But they will fill up the slots also you don't get a noticeable boost. So it is better to go for two 4gB cards or even if you can afford and will be needing more memory in future four 4gB ram cards.
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