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Sometimes while I am watching a video or playing a video game I will get a random freeze or hang that lasts about a second. I am wondering if it is caused by my GTX 460 768mb or my motherboard, but I think that it is my motherboard because I put in an old 8400 gs and it still has the freezing problem. Should I RMA the motherboard or should I do something else?
I have
i5 3570k
gtx 460 768 mb
Asrock z77 extreme4
Dynex 520w powersupply
8 gb corsair vengeance rams (4 gb x2)
Elite 430 case
500 gb western digital hd
*Problem fixed it was the Realtek HD Audio Issue*
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  1. Start with the weakest link, the Corsair memory. Try just one stick at a time.
  2. Will do. Also I know its not the PSU or the video card because I used to use them in my previous build
  3. An old part is more likely to die than a new one. Dynex is not a great power supply. next time look for a top name like Seasonic, Corsair, or Antec to name a few.
  4. bryanl said:
    Start with the weakest link, the Corsair memory. Try just one stick at a time.

    I tried the memory thing and the freezing is still there.
    And I just tested my psu on a different pc and its working fine.
  5. The PSU could work on another system which is only drawing 200-300 watts but on your system after in use for a while at 400-500W it loses some power. By your post it just hangs for a second or two. How long has this problem been going on. You say you could RMA the board which indicates a new system.
  6. The only other PSU I have lying around is an even cheaper one that only is 300w and this issue has been there since I got the motherboard. My motherboard was even having some issues with some of its sata ports where my devices would randomly not be detected. However that problem went away when I just plugged my devices onto different ports.
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    lol that could also be a weak power supply but if you can RMA the board try that first.
  8. Haha I fixed it! It is an issue with the Realtek HD Audio Driver and I just installed it and now everything is fine! I'm just using the audio from my video card and now everything is perfect! I'll give you jnkweaver the best answer since you tried to help me the most :)
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