How much will I save if I wait till the 600 series...

Hi everybody. I'm new to these forums. I just had a quick question.

If I wait till the Nvidia 600 series comes out, how much will the GTX 570 depreciate in price? I am looking into building a new rig and with the 600 series right around the corner.

I am hoping to get some deals on the 500 series. :wahoo:
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  1. Not much right off the hop, you will be looking at 3 months before you see 40 bucks off, hardly worth it if there are some games you wanna ENJOY now.
  2. :o WOW

    Haha not worth it. Thanks for the reply looks like I can start building once the bulldozer releases. I am hoping that will drive i5's price down.
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    The price drops wont be much at the beginning and with the 600 series not being due out for about 3 more months the random price drops and newegg combo deals between now and then will be more significant than the small amount they will drop on launch date, and if supply on the 600 series is low like it was for the 400 series prices might actually go up a bit.
  4. Flagship cards (or close to flagship, like 570) generally don't see price drops. I used to have a 8800 Ultra some 4 years ago and I was always waiting for 9000 or 200 to make its price drop, so I could go SLI withouth having spend some extra $600. It never happened and I had to buy a new card.
    That's the way it is, always.
  5. Just get a 570 now or a 670 when it comes out. The only perfect time to buy a graphic card is when price makes a $20 drop or a new card comes out. 570 already cost ~350 for a good card so it is a small difference.
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