5870 Radeon x3 crossfire, BSOD after startup.

Ok so this has stumped me. first my specs:

Moboard: Asus p6t-2e
psu: corsair 1000w hx
cpu: I7 920 Stock 2.8 ghz,
ram: 12gb, 2gbx6dimms (at 1333)
OS: win 7 home 64 bit

Vid cards:
2x Asus Matrix 5870 2gb,
1x Stock (from original dell) 5870 1gb

So basicaly i recently put in the new mother board got that working well enough. Then put in the Two new Asus matrix cards, and it will load into windows hang once it gets to the desktop then i get a BSOD saying it's Dumping the physical memory. if i disable the cards in safe mode then it works.
On a side note every time i install the drivers, (i've tried the ones Asus recomends, and the newest from AMD) I get a warning say "error messages occurred during instalation" I view the log file and it doesn't say what went wrong. So i've tried to delete the old Drivers as well as i possibly can, including using CCcleaner to clean the Regs, and Driver sweeper to clean everything else out. I've updated the Bios and drivers for everything i can think of.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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  1. So have you tried running JUST the 2 ASUS cards?

    seeing if you can crossfire the 2 matched cards together?
  2. btw where did u pick up the 2gb 5870's?

    im trying to add a 3rd card to my rig.
  3. Ok well, i took out the 1gb Card, and it booted just fine, Including running two of my three monitors. I feel like i should be able to Crossfire That extra card. they're both 5870's Obviously the clock and memory are different, but i was under the impression that Those would synch up. Though i suppose that would only give me 3gb of video memory as opposed to 4gb with the two cards. So maybe i'm better off with only the two?

    I bought them from Craigslist a guy who lives close to me (vancouver, canada), he has a large Pile of them actually.


    Maybe you can send him an email and work something out?
  4. the ram on graphic cards are not like ram on your motherboard, they do not add. the gpus on the cards are not able to access ram on the other card.
  5. True. Forgot about that.

    however my benchmark scores are pretty strange.

    Alsid Prime <alsidprime@gmail.com> Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 7:21 PM
    To: alsidprime@gmail.com
    P12682 3DMarks

    ATI Radeon HD 5870 video card 3DMark Vantage benchmark test score


    Intel Core i7-930 Processor
    Processor clock1570 MHz
    Physical / logical processors1 / 8
    # of cores4
    Graphics Card
    Graphics Card
    ATI Radeon HD 5870
    VendorAsustek Computer, Inc.
    # of cards1
    SLI / CrossFireOff
    Memory2048 MB
    Core clock893 MHz
    Memory clock1200 MHz
    Driver name
    Driver version8.850.0.0
    Driver statusFM Approved
    Operating system64-bit Windows 7 (6.1.7601)
    MotherboardASUSTeK Computer INC. P6T SE
    Memory12288 MB
    Module 1
    2048 MB Samsung 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 2
    2048 MB Samsung 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 3
    2048 MB Samsung 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 4
    2048 MB Samsung 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 5
    2048 MB Samsung 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 6
    2048 MB Samsung 9 @ 667 MHz
    Hard drive model1,000GB ST31000528AS ATA Device
    Detailed scores
    3DMark Score12682 3DMarks
    Graphics Score14660
    CPU Score9028
    Jane Nash42.64 FPS
    New Calico43.25 FPS
    AI Test1231 operations/s
    Physics Test12 operations/s
    Default settings usedYes
    Texture FilteringOptimal
    Texture QualityPerformance
    Shader QualityPerformance
    Shadow Shader QualityPerformance
    Shadow Resolution QualityPerformance
    Post Processing Scale1:2
    PPU Disabledtrue
    PPU Usedfalse
    Disable Bloomfalse
    Disable Streaksfalse
    Disable Anamorphic Flarefalse
    Disable Lens Flarefalse
    Disable Lenticular Halofalse
    Disable Motion Blurfalse
    Disable DOFfalse
    Disable Fogfalse
    Disable Color Noisefalse
    Flush On Low FPSfalse
    Fixed Frameratefalse
    GPU Count1
  6. 3 way CF has always been a problematic task


    The one recommendation we always gave you guys is to keep it simple at 2 GPUs maximum, as after 2 GPUs in a CrossfireX setup you quickly run into weird anomalies that can be irritating......So over the years Multi-GPU support has improved quite a bit, AMD still isn't up-to snuff at the level of NVIDIA though, multi-GPU supports still literally and directly remains the Achilles heel of ATI's Catalyst drivers......So let's round things up, personally we always say stick to one or maybe two high-end cards as there is so much less driver fuzz to worry about. It's like this with ATI, once you pass 2 GPUs you'll often find yourself compromising a lot with new game titles versus multi-GPU support.

    Before the 68xx series, even 2 way CF was sometimes a challenge.
  7. Ok so with only the Two Asus cards it worked for long enough to get that 3Dmark score, but then shortly afterward something (not sure what) updated, it restarted, and i'm getting BSOD's Again.

    This is beyond frustrating! Lol!
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