Please help me pick out a motherboard and hard drive. :)

I have a bunch of parts for my new computer, but need to choose a hard drive and motherboard to go with my setup. I can spend a max of $100 dollars on the motherboard, unless something way better is only 10 to 20 bucks more. and I am willing to spend about $60 dollars on the hard drive, unless something significantly better is $10 bucks more. So below I am going to post a bunch of links on newegg to the parts I own, please help me pick parts that will be compatible with everything, thanks!!!!! =computer case =memory =processor =dvd rom =power supply =graphics card =hard drive mounting bracket

I will be running all of this with windows 7.
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  1. If you are going to overclock then get a 990FX board.
    On the HDD just pick the size you want at your price. You do not need a HDD mounting bracket unless you are going with 2.5" drive!
  2. Here is a list of mothersboards for under $100:

    But personally i would choose:
    The main reason being the right angled sata connectors for better cable management lol, putting that aside any of the other motherboards seem fine

    As for the hard drive, are you wanting an SSD for $60? (only assuming this since you have a 2.5" mounting bracket)
    You will be limited to a 60/64GB SSD with $60.
    Could you be more specific with what kind of hard drive you want, if its a mechanical drive you wont be needing the bracket.
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