Ram voltage & mobo work?

Alright so I've got the as rock 990fx extreme3 board and some corsair xms3 2000Mhz 1.65V ra,m 8GB kit. Now can I use 1.65V on that mobo? Also if I under clocked the ram to 1600Mhz will it run on 1.5V opposed to 1.65V ? Thanks !
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  1. Don't play around with the voltages. If they are meant to work at 1.65 they can work at 1.65volts.
    You can use 1.65 on that motherboard if it is not set to that value by default just change it manually.
    You can make the ram to work at 1.5 volts but why do you wanna do that?
    Increase the timings, decrease the frequency and decrease the voltage.
  2. The reason I want to put it at 1.5V is because my PC crashes when I put the XMP Profile on which sets my RAM at 1866Mhz & 1.65V

    Not sure why :/
  3. Manually set the settings XMP always failed for me too.
  4. I'm going to send off my motherboard for RMA
  5. Good luck with that.
  6. Thanks mate
  7. ihsaan96 said:
    I'm going to send off my motherboard for RMA

    It's not the motherboard but the Corsair memory. XMP and 1.65V are not signs of high quality.
  8. It's the motherboard , when I use my friends ram it still crashes etc. Also I'm sure Corsair wouldn't make low quality ram. I payed £50 for 8GB haha
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