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Hi I have a Compaq nc6400 laptop that won't booth, on start up I can see the start up compaq page but after that it gives me a "Non-System disk or disk error" on the screed and it goes nowhere from there. I diagnostics test on the hard drive and it seems to be working fine but I still keep getting that error. Can anyone help me out please I'll appreciate any suggestions.... Thanks for your time...
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  1. How did you diagnose the disk if you can't boot?

    At any rate, that error is telling you that it can't find an operating system on the disk. This might happen if you've accidentally screwed up the boot order, removing your primary disk from the list, or if the data on the drive has been lost for some reason.

    You might be able to fix it by booting from a Windows install disc and running startup repair.
  2. So the hd is working fine, but the computer won't boot. HUH?

    That's like saying my engine is running great but it won't start.
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