Z77 D3H Lucid Virtu Mvp Problem

Hi i have a Z77 D3H motherboard With Lucid Virtu Mvp Support. Can Someone Please Tell Me how to Setup The Virtu On My Motherboard please. I Tried but It Kept Saying {Integrated Graphics Not Found} . help Will Be highly Appreciated

My Specs Are

Gigabyte 660 Ti Windforce X2
Intel Core i5 3570K
Gigabyte 700 Watt PSU
Gigabyte Z77 D3H Motherboard
Patriot 2X4 Gb 1333 Ram

Ps: Sorry If this is On The Wrong Topic im New Here And Im bit Confused About The Topics.

Thanks Xtreminator96
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  1. Doesn't Matter i Fixed.
  2. how did you fix it ?? I have a z77m-d3h....
  3. i had To install The HD4000 Drivers From Intel Then It Worked
  4. so how did u set it up?

    in IGFX mode it does not pick up the discrete gpu while gaming... :(
  5. I have been wrecking my brains trying to get this MVP working on my Z77X D3H and i5 3570K for a whole day now. I can run either the IGFX or the Discrete card (HD6870) but I cannot enable the IGFX in the BIOS with the 6870 in the rig, I had to literally remove it in order to install the HD4000 drivers and VirtuMVP. When I put the card back in, just constant reboot cycle after BIOS logo until I go back in and disable the IGFX. Then after windows loads, VirtuMVP won't work because the IGFX is disabled and it can't see it.


    Ok I got it working, I had to reinstall windows again only this time I removed all the hard drives except the one I was installing windows to. There must have been boot files spread across the disks and causing an error. I installed everything as I normally would and it worked fine.
  6. qwertySTAR1 said:
    how did you fix it ?? I have a z77m-d3h....

    he probably had his integrated GPU (intel GPU) disabled from the BIOS
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