Need some last thoughts before I Submit- ~$700 build

Hi, I want to make sure there is not bottlenecking or compatibility issues. I am taking advantage of the deals out now. I will buy a hdd and processor on friday.

I am still not sure wether to go for i5 or x4. The i5 will be more easily upgradable for a few years - At least I am hoping it would.

GAMING- is the main use of this computer.

PSU and Ram:


GPU: (edit)

MB: - the Rebate is just so appealing.

This comes out to be $430 after rebate

Plus i5 (224) and hdd (70ish?) it's a little over $700 build

Thank you
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  1. That is a 1366 board, it isn't compatable with any i5's. If you use the sticky "my build" format that would also be helpful
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  3. OH...smh. THANK YOU !

    Cutebeans! What about a board with 2 PCI 16 slots? for Crossfire? Is it a huge price difference?
  4. EDIT: Lol, I got confused with another build I was making. The board I linked here only has 1 PCI 16 slot. With your power supply. Dual 560ti cannot be done since it will blow up :O Dual 16 boards would cost you about at least $160

    Don't worry about it. A single GPU set up is always preferred by games. :)
  5. LOL I read it, still it was useful info!

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  7. Hi my friend. That seagate barracuda is also $60 here at newegg. I didn't notice. :)
  8. Cutebeans!

    Given that I missed the deals last night, smh I actually ordered the wrong MB, would you still recommend that MB and hdd?
  9. The MB i put is still there. Get it while you still can :O.

    Get this seagate barracuda 500gb $60

    Yeah, I still would. It's pretty good for the price.
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