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Geforce gts 450 or gtx 460

im currently using a gforce 8800 gts, i am on a rather tight budget, im looking to spend between 100-200 bucks, i was thinking about these 2 cards, gefroce gts 450 or the gtx 460, the price difference is about 60 or 70 on newegg, is it worth it to get the 450 for 70 bucks less, should i not be a cheap ass and get the GTX 460 or is there another card with about equal quality and price that is recommended.
im looking primarily for gaming purposes
my specs
power supply: silencer 610 eps 12V
graphics card: Geforce 8800 gts
processor: Intel core 2 quad cpu 2.40 ghz
memory:6gigs ddr2
motherboard:asus p5k-e/wifi-ap( thats what it says on the motherboard)
suggestions would be wonderful and greatly appreciated
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  1. Beats both of them by a considerable margin, use less power too.
  2. I would look at the 460 it is a great upgrade, the 450 is barely more powerful than your current card and I mean barely. ps wiini I hate your sig more than anything on this website....good job
  3. ^+1 gts450 is not enough of an upgrade. get the 460. Also, OC your CPU, its a total bottleneck even for your current gfx card, particularly on games that only use 2 cores, which is most games.
  4. Oh yeah ! I agree OC the CPU regardless of the stepping jumping to 3 GHZ which I feel should be reasonable on your motherboard will give you more frames even with the current video card.

    Check this out, very specific to your overclock
    remember not all parts even when the same model are NOT created equal
    this is super specific to your CPU and motherboard
    here is a general guide I was going to refer you outside toms but I figured one external link is plenty
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    I thought 6850=gtx460 in performance, why not get the 6870 for $10 more and get 15% better performance? It's a no brainer.

    Between those two yes 460 is better but there are better options.
  6. yeah he is right you should by 6870 it will be worth
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  8. i have a few other people who agree with the 6870, so thank you very much wiini for that option, i will be going with that one, and Spentshells, i used to have my computer OC a few years ago, but i set it back to normal because my computer overheated alot, i dont remember the reasoning for it but i have not looked into it since then either, maybe i can try it again and see how it goes, i do think its a good idea though if that overheating problem is gone, thanks for the idea
  9. You need a better heatsink than the stock one, this one is really good:
  10. i never used the stock one, i dont remember exactly which one i have since i got it almost 4 years ago, but its better than the stock, maybe i can still look into an upgrade though
  11. My suggestion when overclocking take voltage adjustment off of Auto then leave it alone completely. Now see how far you can overclock the CPU. No overheating.
  12. i may try that tonight after class and see how it works, i remember last time the overheating problem did not take affect instantly as well, it started a few months after, and actually now that i think about it more, i still had the issue a little after i got rid of the OC, and it went away completely when i installed windows 7, but again, ill do that tonight and see how it works, thanks again for your advice
  13. The thermal compound has probably dried up, get some Artic Silver MX and reaply it and it should take care of any overheating
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