F2a85-V has no usb driver

Hello, I ordered a f2a85-V (not V PRO) recently and when I was looking for drivers I could not locate the usb driver for this specific MOBO. I was wondering if there was a driver for it or could I use the driver from the F2a85-V PRO. Thanks for reading and help is appreciated.
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  1. Yes I have the F2A85-V Not the F2A85-V PRO will the F2A85-V PRO usb driver work with the F2A85-V?
  2. Thanks though :D
  3. Sorry, the link is wrong. I haven't noticed. The -V board does not have the ASMedia USB controller. The USB drivers for your board are integrated in the chipset driver.
  4. Really? Thanks :D That caused me from having a lot of grief and worries. Thank you thank you
  5. So to clarify the usb driver is in the chipset driver?
  6. Yes, you can check in device manager if the driver for USB is installed. Aren't the USB ports working?
  7. Um, heres kind of a random question but do you think I should of purchased the F2a85-V pro or should I stick with my board
  8. Why, what features of that board do you think you would need?
  9. I am not exactly sure, I just dont want to install my board and regret it later. Seems like the F2A85-V PRO is more known than the one I purchased and there are no really reviews from what I can find for my board. Should I just install it?
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