Is it meant to fit together?

I just bought a Corsair GS600 PSU. I've tried connecting the 2 pins in the 6+2 pin PCI-E connector with the 6 pin but the wire is to long. Is it meant to fit or can I just connect the 6 pin and 2 pin separate into a GPU?
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  1. wire length is OK, you can work on your cable management to get them out of the way giving you a better air flow inside of the case
    messy cables inside the case = no space for air to move around
  2. That's not answering my question. I'm asking whether the 2pin is meant to fit into the 6pin to make it 8pin. I'm having trouble connecting them.
  3. it should do, or fit snuggly next to it
  4. on my corsair tx750 it doesnt clip together you have to hold the 2 pin against the side of the 6 pin then push it

    in to the 8 pin socket--bit fiddly but i got used to it
  5. Ok, thanks, I thought it was meant to clip on and stay there like the 20+4 connector.
  6. yeah i had a tagan psu before where it slid on to the 6 pin

    but on this corsair once you try it a few times the 2 pin stops pinging out of your fingers :D
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