Hd5670 gpu for my build. thoughts?

I am looking for a crossfirex gpu for my build.I have just bought a phenom ii x4 955 cpu and ASUS M4A87TD EVO AM3 AMD mobo. Currently I am considering the hd5670 but I don't know if its powerful enough. My budget is $120 for the gpu. I am a gamer but not hardcore and don't like the idea of overclocking. Generally I want a system that can run crysis 2 on medium settings. Any thoughts?
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  1. GTX 560 ti 1GB model. Or for your budget gtx 560. CAn run that game pretty great on those cards i just mentioned. You should be fine. AS far as AMD. I would go with 5870's crossfire. That seems to be a common build for most people purchasing previous series GPU's. Dont have alot of expierence with it so dont quote me on it. Maybe 6670's crossfire (not sure about that either sorry just trying to help). Two 5670's may cut it call amd?

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  2. what is your resolution? i also suggest the 6850 if you can get it cheap enough, if not the 5770... do not, i repeat, do not crossfire 5670s/6670s, you would get better performance with a single 5770/6850
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